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Contractor in Almere

Carpentry company, handyman, contractor and builder

As a professional contracter and contracting company based in Almere, we stand prepared to address all your renovation and maintenance requirements. Our comprehensive range of services encompasses the design, construction, and finishing touches for loft conversions, carports, wall installations, (UPVC) window frame installations, facade cladding, dormer construction, ceiling adjustments, and complete attic renovations.

If you find yourself in immediate need of the expertise of a skilled carpentry company, builder, or contractor in Almere, we encourage you to reach out to us without delay. You can contact us via phone, email, or through the contact form available on our website. We are committed to promptly responding to your inquiries and eagerly look forward to arranging a consultation at your earliest convenience.

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Construction and/or finishing

As experts in both construction and finishing, we oversee every aspect of your building project, from initial installation to final touches. We understand that sometimes, installations such as dormer windows or frames are left incomplete.

As dedicated carpenters, we are more than willing to visit your site to complete any outstanding tasks. Moreover, we excel in providing comprehensive renovation solutions, making us the ideal choice for your renovation needs.


Clear agreements

We make a clear plan in advance and stick to agreements.

Customer satisfaction

We stand for quality and satisfied customers.

Free quote request

Would you like to have a brand new wall or dividing wall installed and are you curious about what we can do for this? Make an appointment or request a quote without obligation.

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Carpentry work

We are pleased to offer on-site carpentry services tailored to your home improvement needs. Whether it involves renovations to enhance your facade or garden, or projects within your attic, living room, or the installation of fixtures between walls, our expertise encompasses a wide range of carpentry tasks.


Are you considering transforming your outdated residence into your ideal living space? At DC Timmerwerken, we specialize in both extensive and minor renovation endeavors. Our services cover a broad spectrum, encompassing the renovation of window frames, doors, kitchens, walls, ceilings, stairs, floors, and facade cladding.


Regular maintenance enhances the value and enjoyment of your home. At our company, we undertake a variety of tasks including roof maintenance, facade upkeep, window frame repairs, and other maintenance-sensitive procedures to proactively address potential issues and ensure the longevity of your property.

FAQ: Contractor in Almere

How quickly can we get started?

Upon receiving your inquiry, we typically aim to respond within one business day. Subsequently, we strive to arrange a consultation within one week to discuss your requirements and provide a tailored quotation. Depending on the nature of the project, we endeavor to schedule the work within a two-week timeframe.

What construction work do you carry out?

As a reputable contractor in Almere, we specialize in a diverse range of construction and finishing services. Our expertise encompasses projects such as facade cladding, dormer window installation, attic conversions, UPVC window frame fitting, carport construction, and ceiling adjustments.

In which region do you work?

Our carpentry company is located and active in Almere. We would be happy to visit you for a quotation appointment.

How much does a carpenter cost in Almere?

The costs depend entirely on the work and materials to be carried out. We would be happy to visit you for a quotation appointment.



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